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'ATE'  (Ashita Techno Enterprise)  make rectifier sets are based on design features keeping in mind strictly the applications for which they are meant. This design philosophy has won appreciation from innumerous users for our rectifier equipment.

The main advantages are Higher efficiency, Absolute reliability and Robustness. The Rectifier equipment used for Electroplating, Electrolysis, anodizing,  Cathodic Protection  are suitable for working on  415 volts, 3 ph, 50 Hz AC or on 230 Volts, 1 ph, 50 Hz AC or on any 3 ph voltage upto 22KV class.

The DC output voltages are normally upto 300 volts DC with current range from 10 Amps to 10,000 Amperes  DC.

'ATE' also supplies Mobile Rectifier equipment for shore to ship supplies. Electroplating Rectifier sets  or any kind of  Rectifier equipment  can be supplied with  C.C. Controller ( Constant Current  Controller ), C.C.D.  Controller ( Constant Current Density Controller ) and also with Digital D.C. output indicating meters or Analog Meters.  We also manufacture Rectifiers with Thyristor Control upto 5000 Amperes.

(Manual & Electronic type)

'ATE' manufacturers Battery charger for charging Lead Acid Batteries, Alkaline Batteries,  Nickel Cadmium Batteries etc. used in automobiles, tractors, railways, Electrical Sub-Stations, Power stations, Post & Telegraph, Telephone Industry, Back up supply for computer Installations,  Control panels etc.

Solid State version, Float-cum Battery charger, Trickle charging with short -circuit protection, over current protection.

We also manufacture heavy duty charger  forklift vehicle Batteries, Lifting Magnets Defence Organisations, Aircrafts, Ships etc.

Manual Battery chargers manufacturing Range is from 6 Amperes DC to 1000 Amperes DC and any voltage class upto 500 Volts DC.

Electronic type Battery  chargers Manufacturing Range is upto 25 Amperes  DC only and voltage class upto 100 volts only DC.


The performance of any electrical equipment is optimum at  its rated voltage.  Both over voltage and under voltage produce harmful effects.

The highly fluctuating A.C. mains supply is a very common phenomenon and the difficulties  caused by them are known too well and need to be enumerated.  In many equipments unsteady voltage supply conditions result in total breakdown of sensitive & sophisticated equipments.

These stabilizers are manufactured with accuracy of around 1% and input fluctuation from 180 - 270  volts or  160-260 volts  with output of 230 volts or 240 volts in single phase version.    In three phase versions the input variation will be from 300-460 volts or 360-460 V with output of 400 volts or 415 volts.  It uses servo stepper Motor and electronic control to correct the voltages.  High accuracy, High rate of correction, full solid state control circuit,  completely independent manual  operation are special
features.  Stabilizers are manufactured in the range from 1 KVA to 1000 KVA.  They are manufactured in Air Cooled as well as oil cooled Models.

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